Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC), composed of volunteers appointed by the Board, is responsible for documenting and communicating to homeowners the regulations that govern appearance and use of property in Shaunessy. However, it is the dedication and effort of all Shaunessy residents that has created our lovely community and sustained home values over the past twenty years.

Tom Gish Jr. is the Association Property Manager for Shaunessy HOA and is the point of contact with the residents submitting proposals, complaints and/or requests.

The two main objectives of the ACC for Shaunessy Homeowners’ Association are as follows:

  1. Maintain Architectural Guidelines

  2. Enforce Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions and Rules & Regulations.

Maintain Architectural Guidelines:

All exterior work to the property (including, but not limited to, fences, decks, arbors, storage sheds, playhouses, gazebos, satellite dishes, roofs, painting, and significant landscaping) needs approval by the Shaunessy Architectural Control Committee (ACC) prior to the commencement of any work.

The articles listed below provide detailed information such as approved materials and construction standards for various projects as set forth in Shaunessy Homeowners’ Association R&Rs, CC&Rs, and/or Architectural Guidelines.

To begin the approval process, please complete the ACC Application. Make sure you provide detailed information and include drawings, samples or anything else pertaining to your project as explained on the form.

Some proposals such as building additions and removal of trees larger than five (5) inches in diameter require approval or permits from the City of Mill Creek. (See link under ‘Services’)  For examples of what does and what does not require a permit, please take a look at the City of Mill Creek “Permits & Licenses” page

Enforcement of Rules & Regulations / Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions:

Thank you to all homeowners who, without direction or encouragement meet or exceed all expectations and standards set by our CC&Rs and R&Rs for property maintenance. Attractive homes are regularly maintained throughout all seasons of the year and add to the enjoyment and safety of all who reside in Shaunessy.

A small number of homes and yards in our community are not consistently and/or adequately maintained throughout the year, and they do not meet community expectations and standards. These unattractive homes may result in a general decline in property values and they always generate complaints from other residents to the Board and ACC. For the good of our community, it is up to all residents to learn HOA rules and regulations and to abide by them. All homeowners signed a document confirming that they received a copy of the CC&Rs and they understood them when they purchased their homes.

The following links provide detailed information related to ACC Guidelines and additional forms.

ACC Application

Expedited Fence

By Laws